Nashville Season 1 Episode 13

nsh-keyart-v2-630-jpg_223313 (1)This was a very intense episode. We got to see deeper into the characters than we have in the past, especially with Rayna and Juliette.

I don’t think Rayna knows how to deal with this divorce. She’s been going through the motions of the marriage for a while, but she just couldn’t take breaking her children’s hearts. Before her and Teddy told them, Teddy broke the eldest daughter’s heart first, by not concealing his conversation with Peggy too well.

Now how does Rayna feel, knowing that her husband had an affair and lied to her face? She’s still in love with Deacon, and we all know it, but she’s been able to keep faithful. Well besides for a little elevator kiss, but that wasn’t her fault, Deacon sprung that on her.

I hope Deacon and Rayna can work things out. They are meant to to be. I would think that after he finds out what’s going on, he’ll understand. He knows something’s up. I don’t know if he’s more upset that he thinks Rayna slept with Liam or because she opened up to Liam and not him.

Juliette is growing as an artist, but she’s finding it difficult. I absolutely loved the scene where she puts her manager, now former manager, in his place and lets everyone else know who’s boss. I think that if her adrenaline wasn’t pumping so much, she wouldn’t have reacted that way.

She shouldn’t have yelled at everyone, but her manager shouldn’t have gone behind her back either.

Scarlett has a really good heart, and I hope she won’t pay for that. She should have stuck with her first answer, no, when it came to Gunner’s brother staying. He’s been in prison along time. He’s not the same person he use to be and he’s a fugitive on top of that.

She was right when she said that it was Gunner’s brother’s fault, not his. He was just a kid and he was helping out his older brother. His brother was the one responsible for him.

I am happy to see Gunner opening up to Scarlett. I think they would be very good together. How long until these two get together?

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