Supernatural Season 8 Episode 13

supernatural-season-8-poster-thumb-315xauto-46367 (1)There has been fresh air blown into Supernatural in the last two episodes.

I’ve been tired of the angels for a while now. Naomi controlling the angels was a nice new angel, but closing the gates of hell seemed to be leading to an end. Now with the Men of Letters, the last of the Rabi and Nazi necromancers, there is so much more that show can do.

I really liked the Nazi necromancers. It seems totally plausible that the Nazis did experiments to bring their dead back to life. The Nazis did a lot of experiments during the war and experimenting to make themselves basically imortal seems to be right up their ally.

I think the idea of this new enemy is refreshing. It’s different than what we’ve seen and ties in nicely with the Men of Letters.

To go along with the Nazi necromancers and the Men of Letters, there is now also been the introduction of the Rabi and Golem.

Aaron is the last of the Rabi. They seem to be similar to the Men of Letters.

I enjoyed watching Aaron come to terms with his responsibility. He grew up hearing his grandfathers stories and his parents made sure he didn’t believe a word of it. Now all of a sudden all the stories are coming true. Aaron was freaking out at first, but he stepped up in the end.

Sam and Dean have found their “Bat Cave”. They haven’t had a homebase for a while and with this new homebase, Sam has new books to learn from. These could really be beneficial for them. They’ve seen it all, well just about all, since they are just now coming into new supernatural things. They’ve learned all they can from the recourses that they have. Maybe the Men of Letters can help close the gates of Hell.

Sam seems to be stepping up to his role as one of the Men of Letters.

What did you think of the episode? Leave me a comment.

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