Nashville Season 1 Episode 12

nsh-keyart-v2-630-jpg_223313 (1)Will Rayna and Deacon get back together? I think they are made for each other and Deacon made me so happy when he kissed Rayna. It’s about damn time. I’ve been waiting for this since the series started. Yes, I know, this is only the 12th episode, so I haven’t exactly been waiting very long. Still, it was long enough.

I know Rayna is, or was married, but I’ve thought that she was better off with Deacon from the beginning and I’m glad that Teddy has finally figured out that his marriage is over. I just hope that Teddy showing up doesn’t derail anything that potential could happen with Deacon.

There was so many exciting scenes in this episode and Deacon and Rayna kissing was just one of them and maybe it was my favorite.

I throughly enjoyed Gunner sticking up for Scarlett against Avery and Scarlett saying get out of our house. I think this was a little bit of a wake-up call for Avery. He’s now broken things off with his manager. Well, extracurricular activity at least. We will just have to wait and see if he changes anything else.

I think that Gunner and Scarlett will end up together, she just needs to get over Avery first. And I think she’s just about there.

I am a big fan of Hayden Panettiere. I really liked her in Heroes and she was a big reason for why I tuned into the first episode of Nashville. Juliette has been a bitch and done some horrible things so far, but she has shown glimpses of her true self. I really like Hayden’s portrayal of Juliette and I’m enjoying the character’s development.

This show is all about artists trying to figure out who they, finding their way in the business and finding their sound. And Juliette is finally finding her sound. There is so much depth to the Juliette character and I am looking forward to seeing where the writers take her.

What did you think of the episode? Leave me a comment.

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Let’s be Real also has been waiting for the Rayna, Deacon kiss.


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