Revenge Season 2 Episode 11

images-11I knew Padma wasn’t genuine. I just had this feeling. I hoped as Nolan and her got closer that my feeling was wrong, but unfortunately for Nolan, I was right.

The initiative are everywhere. They have a mole in Nolan’s company with Padma, they have a camera in Daniel’s office and are blackmailing Aiden to their side as well.

I was relieved when Aiden told Emily about his meeting with Helan Crawley. I thought he might keep it to himself and try to find his sister, but as Emily said, his sister might not even be alive. Aiden’s a brave man to play double agent with the initiative. Or is he only doing it so Emily doesn’t have to renew her relationship with Daniel? I think even if their plan works, Emily should still renew her relationship with Daniel. It’s a good connection to the initiative and she has Victoria as an ally and let’s face it, Victoria is a better ally then she is an enemy.

Why didn’t Amanda just go to Emily? Why bring Charlotte and the Grayson’s into it? The Grayson’s always have strings. If she would have gone to Emily she would have quickly fixed the problem. Conrad trying to break into politics is not a good thing. Has Conrad just given up on getting his CEO position back? Because his wife hasn’t.

The more we learn about the initiative, the more I don’t like them. They make the Grayson’s look like kittens. Emily has stepped up her game to deal with the initiative. Did Aiden, Emily and Nolan succeed in the mission? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

What did you think of the episode? Leave me a comment.

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