Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Episode 7

0000066105_20100415153721 (1)At first glance this episode may seem like it’s an episode about the interns, which we do get to learn a lot about the interns. But this episode was also about how the new attendees are handling their interns.

Meredith, Christina, Alex and April all use to be interns. They had to deal with the likes of Bailey and Shepard. Two very tough attendees. Now they have to mold the minds of new doctors.

Meredith hardly let her intern do a thing. Heather had to call all of Derek’s sister to try to get one of them to donate nerves for Derek’s hand.

In the end Heather snapped. She was stuck in between a married spat. She put both Meredith and Derek in their place and may have even persuaded Derek to take one of his sisters nerves. Or maybe one of his sisters just showing up decided that for him.

Christina had Leah and Stephanie, aka Perky and Grumpy. At first it seems like Christina’s interns are doing the best. Both of them got to scrub in on different procedures. I think Christina was actually being pretty fair. Then Perky and Grumpy started competing over who gets to scrub in and they almost killed a patient over it. Now they are off Christina’s service and they are band from the OR.

Alex’s intern, Jo, isn’t doing half bad. She was stuck saving a 15-year-old’s baby, which was a complicated case. Then she loses it when the girl abandon’s her baby. Alex assumed that Jo was rich, because she went to Ivy League schools. In reality she was abandoned by her mother when she was two weeks old and worked her ass off to get into those schools.

The interns call April a dud. Well her intern was the only one that past the test to scrub in on Derek’s hand operation. So I don’t think they can call her a dud anymore. April was a little meaner than she needed to be with Ross, but he appreciated what he was taught more than the other interns and benefited the most from it.

April may have difficulties with exams and leadership, but apparently she’s good at teaching.

What did you think of the episode? Leave me a comment.


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