Nashville Season 1 Episode 7

Rayna and Juliette really didn’t want to perform together, but it turned out to be a big hit.

They wanted this performance to be the one and only, but something tells me the label won’t let this be their last.

It’s interesting that Rayna helped on a song about cheating, seeing as her husband has been having an affair for years. Will Teddy tell her? Something tells me if the truth does come out that Rayna would not forgive him. I don’t think she should forgive him. Teddy’s always been worried about Rayna and Deacon and all this time he’s been the cheat.

I think Rayna thinks about what if she stayed with Deacon and I think that hearing this news would make her think that more. Will she have regrets?

Things may be turning around for Juliette. The performance was a big hit and probably will help fix her image, but more importantly she found a guy that likes her for her. She’s not use to hearing no, especially from guys.

Scarlett is starting to move on from Avery and to Gunnar.

I’m wondering how Gunnar could be starting to look at Scarlett in a different light, it can’t be just the dress. The dress that his girlfriend put her in. This is going to get messy.

Avery may be getting his break, but he lost Scarlett in the process. Is he going to be able to live with himself? I guess as he starts to see success we will see if the success was always more important and if he ever really loved Scarlett.

What did you think of the episode? Leave me a comment.


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