Gossip Girl Final Season Episode 7

GGBefore Serena and Dan could be together, they had to make amends with their friends. They’ve done some pretty horrible things lately.

Serena made amends with Blair and Dan made amends with his dad, Nate and Chuck. He was even on scheming duty with Chuck and Nate.

After a great Serena and Dan episode, Dan says to Georgina on the phone: “I’m writing the Serena chapter”. So is he in love with Serena? Are they getting back together? Was he just trying to brush Georgina off?

I’m hoping that everything happening between Dan and Serena is genuine. I really want these two to end up back together.

Blair’s new line was a success. Her scheming almost ruined it, but her clothes were so good, not even her scheming could ruin the day.

Blair wanted to celebrate with Chuck and thought Chuck would be close to success too, but Chuck failed and because of that he no longer wants to be with Blair.

I don’t think Blair should have gone into the agreement of waiting. It was stupid. She got her hopes up and now Chuck has hurt her once again. And there was no need for it. If Chuck truly wants to be with Blair he shouldn’t let anything get in his way.

I feel really bad for Lily. She can’t see through Bart’s lies. Everyone is trying to be there for her and Bart was about to humiliate her to keep his secret. And she protects him.

Nate made a mistake and now he’s paying the price. Bart is in complete control of him now and Nate already had to betray Chuck.

Only three more episodes left and nothing seems to be winding down. Where will all the Upper East Siders end up?

What did you think of the episode? Leave me a comment.


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