Gossip Girl Final Season Episode 6

For all the Serena and Dan fans, this was an episode for you.

We got to go down memory lane as they revisited the pool hall where they had their first date and went over the many recent mistakes they’ve made. It’s amazing that they are even talking when you think about what they’ve done to each other.

Serena manipulated Dan into making a sex tape to hurt Blair and Dan told her he didn’t want to see her ever again, but can you really blame him considering the circumstances.

Some how they have found their way back together and I couldn’t be happier, though there still are four more episodes left, so I hope it sticks.

I thought it was wrong that Dan outed Rufus and Ivy and I thought it was wrong when he wrote about Nate, but I think telling the truth about Blair set her free.

Blair tried to fall back on all her old tactics to smooth things over, but no one is afraid of her anymore. There was a time when Serena became irrelevant for a short stint, well it has now happened to Blair.

Blair had the right intentions when she resigned from Waldorf Designs, but it was a little drastic. She had a better idea when she came up with the idea to design her own line. She was always a trend setter in high school.

Eleanor should never have handed over her company to Blair without letting her work in it first. Blair will probably run the company great one day, but she’s still finding herself now.

Chuck came so close to getting the evidence that would destroy his father. Wouldn’t you check that the evidence was there before you paid over 2 million dollars? That’s a lot of money to just throw away when you don’t see the evidence first.

I said that Chuck should not trust Ivy and he’s going to learn that the hard way.

Ivy will not only bring down Bart, she’ll also bring down Lily and how long is she going to wait to do it? And what is Rufus going to think when he finds out he was played? He hurt the love of his life and he’s going to end up all alone.

Only four more episodes left and things are really starting to heat up.

I want to see more of Nate though. There’s so much going on for the other characters. Lets get a last dose of Nate before we say goodbye to Gossip Girl.

What did you think of the episode? Leave me a comment.


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