Bones Season 8 Episode 7

Brennan had the case solved almost from the very beginning.

It was kind of unsettling her using her gut. She hates that method of solving cases. She wants to see the evidence in front of her.

It was more settling when she didn’t like that she didn’t know why she knew who the murderer was. I like that she’s growing with becoming a mom, but I don’t want her to completely change.

Watching Brennan be absolutely sure she knew who the murderer was, was also funny. Booth wouldn’t just take Brennan’s word for it, he kept doing his job and asking his questions.

The murderer did let it slip that it was him. He was so confident that he was good at cleaning up crime scenes that he really didn’t think Brennan would find anything.

What he didn’t know is how smart Brennan is and that she soaks up knowledge every where she goes.

I would never have thought of a hair dryer to bring the blood back up through the concrete.

Speaking of Brennan soaking up knowledge, she’s been reading psychology books. She’s analyzed Sweets and now she can use her gut to solve cases. Well I think she also learned a lot about using your gut from Booth as well. Will she start using her gut for more cases?

Bones is definitely resembling the old Bones more. This episode some how meshed what we fell in love with Bones for and the new dynamic of the show. I think the writers are finally figuring out where the show is going.

I can’t believe Cam and Arastoo are together. I would have never seen that coming. I didn’t even realize she was still dating the gynecologist. Well not anymore, but when did they break up and I thought he stopped being Michelle’s gynecologist when they started dating? We haven’t seen much of Cam lately so I hope they dive more into this storyline.

I hope these last two episodes means that Bones is back on the right track.

What did you think of the episode? Leave me a comment.


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